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Magnetic is a technology investment firm that funds and creates important and enduring companies addressing Europe's and the world's biggest challenges. We use our capital and expertise to support entrepreneurial genius and the systemic shifts needed. Our mission is to generate a maximum of impact, to drive resilience while fostering technology sovereignty, and to reduce large opportunity gaps.

With a global mindset, we approach venture investing as a craft rooted in complexity, one that depends on championing brilliant founders at the frontiers of new technologies and economic systems. We go where others fear to tread, often in critical fields. We back those reinventing core industries, the world’s financial system, our security, our energy supply, food security and the way we consume — as we have done for many years, in Europe and beyond.

We fund important missions

We partner with entrepreneurs to build technology platforms with a maximum of economic and societal impact, towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

At the heart of our work stand systems thinking and the belief that true progress is driven by ambitious undertakings that create or transform entire markets, often as iconic pioneers. We focus on large, resilient outcomes for basic or critical fields, impacting millions of humans. We work for societal value and true, lasting impact that expands opportunities. 


Isolated technologies have isolated and limited impact. For progress to happen, we need large commercial successes and companies building systems and pursuing systemic change. We help to create these iconic and meaningful companies.


Our investments will transform Europe's and the world's most critical, important sectors – sustainably and towards resilience or strategic autonomy.

Societal value

Our work follows societal and public interests. We help to close opportunity gaps, to vastly increase access to important technologies or modern basic services. This is our mission.

Fields of

The thematic focus
of our investments:

Resilience & Security

Climate Opportunities

Modernization of Core Industries

Your partners, for the long term.

We aren’t limited by stage, we partner with founders and their teams from day one, or at any other point in their journey. While our core work happens early, we are long term capital partners. We are partners of choice for some of the most exceptional entrepreneurs and technologists.

We work with a lot of personal attention. Through wise counsel and access to networks and domain expertise, we support our portfolio companies as they navigate the unpredictability of company building, and frame their vision for a different world.